Using Jo-Sha Wipes

Jo-Sha Wipes are much more convenient than sprays, and unlike commercial wipes, Jo-Sha Cleaning Wipes contain no alcohol or harsh chemicals, so they won’t dry out skin or other surfaces. ┬áThese natural cleansing wipes will actually preserve the life of your equipment. Jo-Sha Wipes dry quickly and evaporate completely, leaving no slippery residue.

Used Jo-Sha Cleansing Wipe in Canada!

JoSha Wipes are ideal for yoga mats, Pilates equipment, hands, body, feet, and just about anything else you would want to naturally disinfect. Because JoSha Wipes are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-septic they make excellent cleansing wipes for your home, office, or car. These can be purchased as individually wrapped cleansing wipes or you can purchase the cleaning wipes in bulk in a sticker top dispenser.

Use your Jo-Sha Wipes:

  • To evoke a sense of calm and centering to the body and mind.

  • As cleansing wipes for your hands, body, and feet.

  • To freshen up after the gym or the spa.

  • To clean your massage table/chair between clients.

  • To wipe down and freshen up your office space, kitchen, car, or hotel room.

  • To give as gifts.

  • As a yoga mat cleaner, Pilates mat cleaner, and to clean your fitness equipment.

  • To restore balance, soothe the senses, and naturally rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit.