This is just a friendly note to let you know that our editorial team was really impressed by one of your items, so we shared it with our readers on TrailblazerGirl, a fun site dedicated to featuring the newest and coolest products, services and vacations for women who really love the outdoors.” Read article¬†here
~Pam Marsh, Senior Editor, TrailblazerGirl.com

…All in all-I was very impressed with all of the Wipes ūüôā Highly recommend.¬† They’ll have you feeling refreshed.!” For the entire article see his Blog
~Jay N., Beauty, Fashion, and Makeup Blogger

Bringing Balance: Yoga wipes clean more than just mats, while centering the body and mind. The art of yoga has been practiced for centuries...”¬†Read entire story here
~Tara Olivo, Associate Editor, Nonwovens Industry

“The wipes that come in the 50 pack are substantial and clean exercise mats and equipment really well. They stay wet, I can use them on more than one mat if needed, and I love the smell. I also sell them to clients who take them with them when they travel, keep them in their car, or use on themselves after a workout to freshen up.¬† The smell and the quality of the wipe is what we love.”
~Gabrielle Cahoon, Studio 48 Pilates

“The JoSha Wipes have kept my equipment in great condition, clean and sanitized. Thanks so much for a great product!”
~Liz Versino, Personal Pilates by Liz

“… if I¬†had never used the thicker ones (Jo-Sha Wipes), I may not have known a difference. ¬†But now that I do, I definitely prefer the cleaning power and thickness of the Jo-Sha Wipes…”
~Melanie McLaren, Studio Phyzz

“For a quick refresher after each class, swipe with a Jo-Sha yoga mat wipe. Give the mat a minute to dry, then roll it up.”
~Real Simple Magazine, April Edition

Thank you celebrity yoga trainer Kristin McGee¬† for your continued unsolicited support. We truly appreciate the article on Bethany Frankel’s website

“Today’s yogi has a breathless array of clothing and accessories at his or her disposal. . . It’s an overwhelming, often confusing retail world. Our yogic cheat sheet says it all boils down to a simple retail trinity: mat, bag and wipe. Mat is home base for your practice; bag protects and transports mat, and wipe keeps mat clean and healthy. Here, then, are our favorites: Jo-Sha Mat Wipes!”
~Valerie Nahmad, Miami Herald

‚ÄúI was SO thrilled to discover Jo-Sha Wipes. Unlike ‚Äúwipe-ies for kids,‚ÄĚ which can leave yoga mats too slippery, Jo-Sha Wipes are a quick and convenient solution for a clean yoga mat.‚ÄĚ
~Lisa Steele, Vegetarianbaby.com

‚ÄúWhat a unique concept and great packaging too.¬† Even non-yogis can use them.¬† Without a doubt, these are a necessity.‚ÄĚ
~JR Lakini, Enlightened Practice Magazine

‚ÄúI think this is the hottest product‚ĶVersatile, environmentally friendly, and they allow me to express my inner clean freak without offending my nose or ruining my mat.‚ÄĚ
~Julie Vance, Milwaukee Yoga Magazine

‚ÄúThese handy little towelettes are ideal‚Ķthey are¬†great for travel, too, as an all-purpose wipe.‚ÄĚ
~E.D., Fitnesstravelgear.com

Jo-Sha Wipes were¬†featured ¬†in the January edition of¬†Prevention Magazine as a winter Fitness Gift for the Yoga Lover!¬†“Not only do Jo-Sha Wipes use toxin-free essential oils like eucalyptus and lavender¬†to de-grime mats, they smell divine too.”

Jo-Sha Wipes were featured in Canada at the annual Gratitude Party with Journey of the Yogini in Ottawa.  This soul-based business unites women using Yoga workshops, retreats, events and trip, and also raises awareness and funds for charities that empower women and girls.  In just over a year they have raised over $120,000 for charities locally and globally.