About Us

Shannan Hansen

Jo-Sha Wipes is a product invented out of necessity. The founder and creator of JoSha Wipes, Shannan Hansen, is a certified yoga instructor and mother of four. While instructing her yoga classes she noticed many of her students using borrowed mats week after week without the mats being washed or even wiped down. She felt there must be something available that would be effective and easy for her students to use to clean their mats. Shannan searched for something that would do just that, clean yoga mats both quickly and thoroughly. She also wanted to be sure that what she found was a natural product, kind to the environment, convenient, and it had to smell good.

Unable to find what was needed and realizing there was an obvious void in the market, Shannan set out to fill that void and develop a natural yoga mat cleaner. During this time she happened to see an episode of Oprah where Oprah was having a contest for small businesses called “’O’ Get the Money”. She had already thought about doing something herself, but after seeing this she decided to go for it!

So, in December 2004 she took it upon herself to develop the product we now know and love, Jo-Sha Wipes. She did not end up the winner of Oprah’s contest, but the yoga world won with the creation of essential oil infused yoga mat cleaning wipes.

With the growing popularity of yoga in America and across the world, a new market for yoga products was created. The timing was right and this is where Jo-Sha first found its niche.  In recent years, these essential oil wipes have also gained popularity outside the yoga world with Pilates studios, massage therapists, and gyms.

Today, JoSha Wipes is a successful small business that is owned and operated by Bean Products Inc, located in Chicago, Illinois. JoSha mat wipes are now used and sold throughout the United States, as well as internationally.  Although this is no longer Shannan’s home based business, these non toxic cleaning wipes infused with essential oils are still made with love. We continue to provide that same personal touch that enabled Jo-Sha mat wipes to become the “essential” wipes throughout the yoga industry and beyond!